Priyo Shirin
Picture Of Shirin Chowdhury

Shirin Chowdhury was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As her birth sign being Taurus, She is little stubborn, but grounded, steady demeanor makes her someone others can count on. She is also a sensualist who loves good food, romance -- and only the best of everything. She likes cold weather. And also likes to be comfy, cozy in a tidy little home.

Major achivement

In 2004, Shirin started the first Bangla radio program in Vancouver, Canada Radio Bangladesh (Vancouver).

In 2006, Shirin produced the first and only Bangla Television program in Western Canada region Priyo Bangla TV.

In 2007, Shirin became RJ for Priyo Bangla Radio and accomplished a big success with different taste of Bangla music among the listeners.

Formal music learning and recognitions

Music being into her passion, Shirin was involved in lot of cultural activities since she was little.

Shirin Chowdhury has started her formal learning of the music from Grade 2. Later on, she has completed 6 years music course from "Nazrul Academy" in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The course was based on classical music, Gazal, and Nazrul Sangeet. Honorable and famous Ustad Ful Mohammed and Ustad Akhtar Sadmani guided her for classical music, Ustad Sudhin Das for Nazrul Sangeet, and Ustad Zakir Hossain for Gazal. After the Nazrul Academy, she got involved with Jhankar Academy and learned music for five more years under the supervision of Janab Biplob Dey.

Besides doing stage shows in Bangladesh, Dallas, USA, and Vancouver, Canada, she has performed in Bangladesh Radio for several years as an enlisted singer of Nazrul and Modern songs.

She was also honored to get several different certificate and prizes as recognition of music including Shishu Academy Awards.